‘Benchmark Basics’ Brick Red 30 Inch Round Waxed Cotton Shoelaces

Initial thoughts – day of delivery – 2/2/17

Benchmark Basics appears to be a small-yet-growing men’s fashion company based in Montclair, NJ. With Philadelphia roots, I’m privileged to throw support at a company originating within a neighboring state. I was fortunate enough to stumble across this group in my search for a pair of shoelaces to replace an original and fraying pair from some Cole Haan boots that I own (indeed, another pair of Cole Haans). In fact, I could even see myself ordering one of their Perlon Watchbands real soon. Real slick looking stuff. Back to the story, this pair of boots is much more formal than the pair in which the Shoeslulu’s went (see review from 1/31), so I was seeking something a bit more crisp, intelligent, elegant, and workplace appropriate.

Prior to locating these Benchmark’s on Amazon.com, I never wore these boots to my workplace. They always felt and appeared a bit too clunky to mesh well with a nice pair of slacks, so I was always hesitant. Something just did not feel right. Sometimes the break of the pant leg would get caught up on the thick shoelace. It just didn’t work. But, now I have these Benchmark’s, and after a few hours with them, they appear to be just that – a benchmark. Time will tell. I’ll be wearing these boots to work over the next few days fully equipped with my fresh new 2mm-wide brick red waxed cotton shoelaces, and will finish off this review next week.

Final thoughts to come on 2/9.