‘Shoeslulu’ Premium Round Braided Waxed Hemp Rope Style Shoelaces (30 in. (76.2 cm), Prussian Blue)

This first-ever shoelace review is for a pair of ‘Shoeslulu Premium Round Braided Waxed Hemp Rope Style Shoelaces.’ These fancy rope style shoelaces, of the “Prussian Blue” color-scheme, were purchased to replace a pair of default shoelaces that accompanied a pair of Cole Haan Chukkas. The default shoelaces frayed within a few months, and for a month the chukka boots were worn lace-less, that is until my ankles requested some support and I set out to acquire a pair of the best replacement shoelaces I could find.

Scouring Amazon for the best shoelaces was a bit difficult. Generally, though I am not speaking from any photographical experience, it is not the easiest task to produce a telling image of a pair of shoelaces. What drew me to these bad boys was the brand name – Shoeslulu – not because I particularly liked it (I’m indifferent), but because I was uncertain (and for that matter, I still am) if the second ‘s’ makes the word ‘shoe’ a plural for a pronunciation of “shoes lu lu” or if it is pronounced “shoe slu lu.” In any case, I zoned in on the Prussian Blue color because it would allow for a nice contrast against my dirty yet tan chukka boots.

With only two eyelets on each side, my chukkas were corralled within five minutes of the Amazon delivery. As I stood up straight and glanced down at my new means of ankle security, boy was I proud. The Prussian Blue popped just right. The rope style was something I’ve never seen before. I was quite happy, but the happiness lasted for only a few hours, until I learned something vital about my new shoelaces.

After walking through the city for a few hours a strange, clockwork experience transpired — both laces became untied basically simultaneously. Immediately my thoughts raced to whether or not I threw out the Amazon box, because on so many occasions I’ve had to return an item to Amazon just moments after dissembling and placing the former box outside in the recycling bin, in the rain. Luckily, my memory allowed me to confirm that I indeed had the box in mint condition inside my home, but before jumping to any further conclusions or actions, I knelt down and one by one, up to two, gave each lace a hearty retie with just a tad more force than I used at home. It donned on me that the initial freshness in the laces was the culprit behind the hasty untie and that I should not jump to an unfortunate conclusion just yet.

As of the writing of this review, it’s now been a full two weeks since the installment of my Shoeslulu 30″ Premium Round Braided Waxed Hemp Rope Style Shoelaces. I never again was faced with the task of a midday retie and I am proud to acknowledge that I purchased, and did not return, this pair of shoelaces.

For the record, the aglets (the piece of material that binds that shoe laces on its ends) accompanying these are plastic, and they seem quite standard. For that reason it would not surprise me if they lost their grip and disconnected after a solid amount of wear and tear, but when that happens, I would not hesitate in purchasing a pair of exact replacements.

Purchase your Shoeslulu’s from Amazon.